Having a WordPress website can be a challenge.  You want to put everything you can think of on your site so new customers can find AND Google can find you.  What makes it harder is to NOT have a slow loading site even with today’s broadband.  Recently in effort to build a better loading site we decided to employ the services of a few WordPress plugins that noticeably helped in our page load.

Here is a great tool to check your website’s score with Google in how it perceives your site PageSpeeed Insights.  Through PageSpeed Insights you can have your site analyzed and determine where your site can be optimized.  Simple things such as making your images smaller, optimizing your website database and page caching are a few things we employed.

WP Performance Score BoosterWP Performance Score Booster is the first plugin we installed. Wp Performance Score Booster helps you site speed-up page load times and improve website scores in services like PageSpeed, YSlow, Pingdom and GTmetrix.

After analyzing our site through PageSpeed Insights it mentioned that our site could be analyzed by enabling gzip compression and removing query strings from static resources like CSS & JS.

WP Super CacheWP Super Cache is the next plugin we installed.  WP Super Cache is a great plugin in that it caches your site which definitely improves load time.  One thing to note though if you use this plugin we found we had to decactivate the plugin while doing any design or global CSS changes as they weren’t loading without flushing our site’s cache.  It’s a simple process but something to be aware of.

WP Smush it.WP Smush it  This is a great plugin if you don’t have the time to manually optimize your images.  Image load time can significantly affect your site’s overall load time.  The free version of WP Smush It will only optimize 50 images at a time.  In our case we had a few hundred images that needed to be optimized so this took some time with the free version but it was definitely worth it.  Another benefit of this plugin, if left on, it will optimize/’smush’ your images each time you upload new ones.  It will slow the uploading time to the Media manager but again will definitely help in your page load time.

WP OptimizeLastly we installed WP Optimize.  Wp Optimize is a great plugin if you are like us and make multiple revisions on one of your website’s pages or posts.  WP Optimize will basically go in an remove any old revision you have on your database.  These revisions can really add up, as they did in our case.  We noticed a definite improvement in page load with WP Optimize.

So in conclusion you always want to be aware of how your website loads.  Don’t go too plugin crazy because having too many activated plugins can also slow your site down.  Having the bare minimum is the best approach.  Good luck and happy browsing!