*WordPress – Great Alternative to Static Html Websites

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Full fledged WordPress sites are a great alternative to traditional html sites. WordPress allows you to make design changes directly within an admin panel without needing an html editor or an ftp agent to upload your html. It is also very handy as you only have to make your design changes globally as opposed to a static html site that would need to be changed on every single page.

WordPress however can be a challenge to learn if you aren’t familiar with php, the programming language for the software. There are instances where it is useful to know where to locate code especially if you work with WordPress templates.

If you are looking to use a Content Management Software (CMS), WordPress is hard to beat!

Here are some examples of our WordPress projects*:

  10. parakeet feet*
  23. St. john’s episcopal church*
  24. Tech Home Electric*
  26. Yoga Bergen County*
  27. Yoga Therapy NJ*

*Custom Greentree Designs WordPress Templates.

Custom WordPress Design – St. John’s Episcopal Church Ithaca, NY

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screen-sjpWe recently had the pleasure of working with St. John’s Episcopal Church in Ithaca, NY.
to help them create a Custom WordPress Design that enlists event and administrative calendars along with showcasing their church’s artistic interior.

About St. John’s Church
The essence of St. John’s is the people who make up the congregation. It reminds me of a Jackson Pollock painting. At first glance, it draws you in with a variety of colors and shapes all woven together in a complex pattern, but then it begins to seem complicated and chaotic—there is a lot going on at once and things are constantly shifting, as they do in this community. It is only when one takes a deep breath, looks closer, and begins to distinguish all of the colors, lines, and shapes that the whole makes sense. Nothing is linear, nothing is perfect, and you see something new every time you take another look. There is evidence of our success in programs and ministries that work well just as there is ample evidence of our imperfections and failures. What gives me hope for the future is that the colors, lines, and shapes continually shift and intersect, but they always work together to reveal new ideas and new opportunities. A lot of people dismiss Pollock’s paintings as too complicated to take a second look, but the beauty of his work is that it demands prolonged contemplation and new ways of thinking. This congregation is a lot like that for me—sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all of the tasks that must be completed, the programs and ministries that need to be improved, and the people and places that we are called to serve, but I feel immense satisfaction when we find new ways to work together to accomplish some of these goals, even if it takes a while.

Custom WordPress Design – Parakeet Feet

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Custom WordPress Design – Parakeet Feet

About Parakeet Feet:
Parakeet feet is the premiere full-service children’s footwear boutique located in ithaca, new york. we sell unique accessories and children’s footwear ranging in shoes sizes, newborn to youth size 3. Parakeet feet has trained associates on staff to properly measure children’s feet, and provide product information on different shoe options, including those recognized by the american podiatric medical association. we are passionate about serving the needs of the local community so please continue to provide feedback about particular brands or styles that are of interest to you!

Custom eCommerce Design Project – Above The Ridge

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Custom eCommerce Design Project - Above The Ridge

Custom eCommerce Design Project – Above The Ridge

Custom eCommerce Design Project Launch - Above the Ridge!

About Above the Ridge:
Ever been at work staring out the window knowing that you desperately wanted to be somewhere else?   Thinking that your adventure was out there waiting for you, but you were stuck where you were dreaming about that adventure?  We know.   We’ve been there and are still breaking free as often as we can whether on the trail by foot or fat tire, out in a kayak, or just relaxing by a campsite.  We know where you want to be.

Above The Ridge was founded in 2005 based on an extreme passion for the outdoors.  We’ve taken that passion and experience and are working to bring the best quality and most affordable gear to you – the outdoors enthusiast!

At Above The Ridge, you will find high quality, sometimes hard to find products manufactured by companies who have that extreme passion for the outdoors as well.  Whether it’s a startup company making their unique contribution to a particular product line with handmade products in the Andes mountains, or an established company offering a wide variety of products for the outdoors, you can probably find what you’re looking for or bet that we’re out there looking for that unique product or company so we can provide it to you.

Your adventure doesn’t have to wait any longer.   Get outdoors.  Stay outdoors.

Locking Key Cabinet – Custom eCommerce Design

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Locking Key Cabinet

Custom eCommerce Design - Locking Key Cabinet

Introducing Locking Key Cabinet – Custom eCommerce Design!  LKC came to Greentree Designs looking for a quick, simple facelift from their original modified NetworkSolutions Commerce Space template.  We added  a jquery photo slider for interactivity and call to action on the homepage along with a sitemap in the footer, a trend for contemporary webpages.

About Locking Key Cabinet:
We are the source for quality secure key rings, tamper proof key rings and security key cabinets.Locking Key Cabinet offers the finest selection of quality key rings for indusrial, automotive and commercial use. Key control systems and Locking Key Cabinets are ideal for auto dealer, valet and property management applications. Bulk Key Rings are available in a variety of strengths and materials. Zinc plated, stainless steel and tamper proof key rings will protecty your investment and increase your security level. Locking Key Cabinets are recommended for security in dorms, hotels, condominium management and maintenance departments. Protect your assets and invest in a quality key control system for your business, commercial or industrial needs.

TIMCO – Custom eCommerce Design

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Custom WordPress Design - TIMCO Horse & Farm Supply

Greentree Designs is proud to announce a new Custom eCommerce Design project has been launched for TIMCO Horse & Farm Supply!

TIMCO came to Greentree Designs wanting to redesign their eCommerce storefront. The overall navigation was modified to include a 100% search engine friendly rollover menu in the header. We also streamlined the center section by removing the right column to give the center content area more real estate. We altered the design by retaining aspects of the original color scheme but gave the middle of the design a white background to increase the readability of the text and content.

About TIMCO:
TIMCO is in Independence Iowa and our farm supply store is open 6 days a week. TIMCO is family owned and operated! TIMCO installs everything they sell and offer expert installation and fence advice 7 days a week!

Yoga Therapy NJ – Custom WordPress Design

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Custom WordPress Design - Yoga Therapy NJ

Custom WordPress Design – Yoga Therapy NJ

Introducing Yoga Therapy NJ, a Custom WordPress Design by Greentree Designs!

Susan Morton came to Greentree Designs to request a clean, easy to navigate design.  They also desired a photo slider on their homepage to showcase their therapy techniques.  We recommended WordPress so that they would be able to take over the day to day maintenance of their site to add new content or information at their leisure.

Furniture Direct NC – Custom eCommerce Design

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Custom eCommerce Design - Furniture Direct NC

Greentree Designs has just published a custom design project for a new furniture eCommerce storefront using the Network Solutions Commerce Space platform –

Furniture Direct came to Greentree Designs after viewing our portfolio and said they wanted to create a design similar to one we made previously – Furniture e Superstore with a wide product and category offering that could be accessible to the search engines and have an intuitive navigation scheme.

Furniture Direct was optimized for the search engines by SEO Web Mechanics.

My Skidders – Custom eCommerce Design Project

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My Skidders

Custom eCommerce Design - My Skidders

Greeentree Designs is proud to announce our latest Custom eCommerce Design project launch for My Skidders!

Skidders is a part of a nation wide umbrella of companies we have worked previously –  Vitamins Baby & Whistle and Wink.

Skidders came to Greentree Designs based on our successful relationship with Vitamins Baby and Whistle and Wink but wanted to change and adapt their existing website to cater towards not just children’s clothing.  We brought interactivity to their site with a slider animation and category thumbnail call to actions.

About My Skidders:
Innovative and hassle-fee, Skidders unique footwear products are simply amazing!

Let your child move freely and confidently without worrying about slipping or falling. So let kids be kids and send them off on their adventures wearing Skidders.

We aim to create products that are practical, comfortable, stylish and safe. We will continue to innovate and develop new footwear products often, so keep a lookout for more Skidders!

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